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Young customer is holding two bags of sweet corn in vacuum package


Enhancing Safety and Efficiency of Food Packaging and Processing


Woman hand choosing to buy orange juice in supermarket

Enhancing Shelf Life

Syensqo's  High Barrier Polymers (HBP) offer combined water vapor and oxygen barrier and good heat-sealing properties for protecting fresh, dry, and wrapped food. Our food packaging materials also include fluorinated fluids used for oil and grease-resistant packaging. BHA Optimox is an antioxidant with the best carry-through effect, so food applications can benefit from strong stability and extended shelf life. It can be used in different food applications such as baked foods, cereals, potato flakes, fats, and oils


Food Contact Applications

With more than 20 years of experience as a material supplier in the food and beverage industry, Syensqo Specialty polymers equip OEMs with greater design flexibility, superior mechanical performance, and unmatched aesthetic qualities in a range of consumer goods that come in contact with food. As expectations for product performance increase, metals and lower-quality engineering polymers cannot meet the needs of today’s consumers. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are the ideal materials for OEMs searching for outstanding mechanical properties, higher heat resistance, inherent flame retardancy, and a high-quality surface finish.