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Young customer is holding two bags of sweet corn in vacuum package
Food Packaging


Specialty Polymer Solutions for Food Packaging

Syensqo plays a critical role in the development of material solutions for packaging that maintains the integrity, safety and quality of food products. Our portfolio includes specialty polymer materials designed to meet the industry’s need for efficient, safe and sustainable packaging solutions. With Syensqo's commitment to innovation and quality, we continue to lead in delivering reliable polymer solutions that cater to the evolving needs of food manufacturers and consumers alike.


Ixan® PVDC: Food Packaging Barrier Resin for Longer Shelf Life

Ixan® PVDC stands out as a high-barrier polymer, offering unparalleled protection in food packaging. This resin is key in extending the shelf life of perishable food items such as meats, fish, poultry, and cheese. Its advanced barrier properties prevent moisture, oxygen, and odor transmission, maintaining product freshness and appearance. Ixan® PVDC's compatibility with vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging technologies further highlights its role in enhancing food safety and reducing waste across the supply chain.


Diofan® PVDC: Ideal combination of fundamental properties for food packaging solutions

Aqueous Diofan® PVDC dispersions enhance and upgrade packaging materials by giving them barrier properties which prevent the transmission of water vapor or oxygen, as well as odor absorption. Diofan® PVDC coatings provide strong seals to make hermetic packages and improve the appearance of packaging through their transparency, gloss, print-adhesion, and scratch resistance.