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Medical instruments closeup on a sterile diaper

Devices for Limited Contact Applications

The Color of Superior Performance

With decades of experience supplying advanced materials to healthcare OEMs, Syensqo continues to provide reliable, high-performance solutions for essential limited contact medical devices. All of our medical-grade polymers are thoroughly tested for biocompatibility under ISO 10993 and meet or exceed the industry’s highest safety and quality standards.

Additionally, our diverse solutions meet the complex performance requirements of the healthcare industry and offer OEMs advanced metal alternatives that provide exceptional impact strength, heat tolerance, stiffness and sterilization compatibility. From surgical instruments and medical cases to membranes for hemodialysis, Syensqo's material solutions for limited contact medical devices deliver outstanding performance so designers and manufacturers stay ahead of industry trends.


Shaping the Future of Medical Devices and Equipment

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Top Solutions for Limited Contact Applications

Our versatile brands offer optimized material solutions for manufacturers and designers to implement into a wide range of limited contact applications within medical devices and equipment. Our specialty polymers deliver consistent mechanical and thermal performance with necessary sterilization compatibility, while our additional solutions are used in unique applications like hemodialysis. 

High-Performance Solutions for Limited Contact Device Applications 

From high-performance polymers for surgical instruments and medical cases to innovative solutions for hemodialysis treatments, Syensqo offers advanced products that are suitable for a wide range of limited contact healthcare applications. With benefits like mechanical strength, thermal resistance and broad sterilization compatibility, our solutions deliver the performance needed to make these applications safe and reliable.

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