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Convert medical devices from metal to plastic with innovative specialty polymers

Advanced Medical Devices: Experience the Journey from Metal to Plastic 

In this e-guide, our experts cover the contextual challenges facing the healthcare industry and how medical grades help OEMs overcome these unique obstacles. With in-depth case studies and statistics, we take a detailed look at the journey from metal to plastic for a metal hip retractor and how our Specialty Polymers facilitate the design of innovative medical devices with unique features.   

Specifically, this e-guide focuses on KetaSpire® PEEK, AvaSpire® PAEK, Ixef® PARA, Radel® PPSU and Udel® PSU; an outstanding selection of high-performance polymers for various healthcare applications. These specialty materials provide medical devices with several beneficial properties including:

  • Equivalent Strength to Metal
  • Thermal and Chemical Resistance
  • Processing Flexibility
  • Economic Efficiency 
  • Simplified Prototyping 
  • Colorability and Surface Finish

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