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Non-Invasive & No Patient Contact Devices

Non-Invasive and No Patient Contact Medical Devices with Safe, Reliable Performance

Manufacturers and designers need to select materials that provide superior performance in applications that are non-invasive and do not come in contact with patients’ bodily tissues or fluids. From the external and internal components of medical devices to consumables and reagents for diagnostic testing, these applications may benefit from the unique variety of features offered by Syensqo's high-performance polymers and chemicals.

Syensqo offers OEMs the broadest selection of high-performance polymers for medical equipment, as well as a portfolio of phosphorus specialties suitable for diagnostic testing. Our industry-leading material solutions deliver essential performance, whether it is outstanding strength, stiffness and chemical resistance in housings of infusion pumps or high-purity oligonucleotides used in coronavirus PCR tests. Each of our innovative solutions is tailored to meet the unique needs of non-invasive applications.


Shaping the Future of Medical Devices and Equipment 

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Top Solutions for Non-Invasive and No Patient Contact Medical Devices and Equipment

Our broad portfolio of specialty polymers is well-suited for the diverse manufacturing and in-use challenges of non-invasive medical equipment. With unmatched thermal resistance, long-term mechanical properties and compatibility with a wide range of sterilization processes, our material solutions for medical devices and equipment deliver the performance that healthcare professionals and patients expect.

Explore Material Solutions for Components of Non-Invasive and No Patient Contact Medical Equipment

With versatile, high-performing polymer solutions from Syensqo, healthcare OEMs can develop innovative devices and equipment that do not come in contact with patients. Our materials are suitable for use in a variety of non-invasive applications, including internal and external components of medical devices and equipment, as well as consumables for diagnostic imaging and reagents for diagnostic testing.

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