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Antiwear additives

Lubrhophos® & Rhodafac® series

Antiwear additives packed with extra benefits

What do Antiwear Additives do ?

Antiwear additives are those that act to prevent abrasion in a lubricant system.  These additives work by forming a sacrificial film on a metal surface, preventing asperities on the metal surfaces from directly coming into contact when the lubricating oil can no longer provide necessary film thickness.  The Lubrhophos® and Rhodafac ®  lines of antiwear additives are exceptionally surface active and compatible in a range of formulations and robust across a variety of lubricant regimes.


Antiwear Solutions

Syensqo offers a full range of solutions through its strong Phosphorus technology platform :

  • Range of Phosphate Esters, Phosphites and Phosphate Amines
  • Equivalent antiwear performance to the industrial benchmark, ZDDP
  • Lower P content vs. ZDDP with equivalent antiwear performance


Decrease P content vs. ZDDP with equivalent antiwear performance

Lubrhophos® Rhodafac® - Antiwear vs P content

Outstanding antiwear additives with additional properties

Our additives display extra benefits to support all your challenges :

  1. Extreme pressure 
  2. Anti-Corrosion / Anti-Staining 
  3. Foam control
  4. Emulsion stability 
  5. Biodegradable

Selection guide

Selection Guide Lubrhophos


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