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Solvent Extraction

Efficient Solvent Extraction Solutions

Syensqo's solvent extractants are used by the world’s largest mining operations. Our chemical reagents for hydrometallurgy support a variety of metal applications, such as the extraction of copper, lithium, cobalt from nickel, molybdenum, and rare earths, meeting demand for the metals that power daily life. Our extractants serve vital functions during solvent extraction, for instance, improving phase transfer times, reducing crud formation, and protecting against extractant losses due to nitration and oxidation. 

At Syensqo, we offer a complete package— application support, technical service, and modeling capabilities—to help solvent extraction operations enhance their productivity and reduce operating costs while meeting complex economic, environmental, and metallurgical challenges.

Our Solutions for Solvent Extraction

Syensqo's Solvent Extraction Reagents 

Syensqo's reagents improve process efficiency and the purity of metals recovered during solvent extraction. Our reagent families include ACORGA® for copper extraction, CYANEX® for various metal applications and IXPER® calcium peroxide 75C for improved leaching. Additionally, our digital Mining Chemicals Handbook offers solvent extraction expertise and resources to help mines maximize their operational potential.

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