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Lithium Overview

Syensqo is the leading reagent-based solutions provider for the recovery of lithium from brines, recycled electric vehicle (EV) batteries and hard-rock sources. As widespread adoption of EVs continues to drive the surge in demand for lithium, Syensqo helps mining operations concentrate and purify lithium at levels required for high-value applications. We offer a broad range of reagents for lithium recovery, including solvent extractants, collectors (promoters), frothers and depressants. 


Electric car market growth

Lithium Recovery via Solvent Extraction 

Syensqo's organophosphorus CYANEX® 936P lithium extractant facilitates high-purity lithium recovery from brines. Solvent extraction, powered by CYANEX® 936P, may also be suitable for other lithium deposits, including geothermal sources, clay and hard-rock deposits.

Mining operations favor solvent extraction over other direct lithium extraction processes for several reasons: 

  • Lower CAPEX intensity 
  • Improved efficiency and sustainability profile compared to conventional processes
  • Ability to enable a continuous process to yield high-purity lithium within hours regardless of climate and geography

Unlike evaporation and precipitation processes, solvent extraction is flexible and efficient, supporting the treatment of varying feeds and direct production of any lithium salt, including lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate or lithium chloride. 

Lithium solvent extraction does not require large surface area or capital-intensive infrastructure development. And, once the lithium is recovered, lithium-free saltwater can be reinjected into the salar, which significantly reduces freshwater consumption and improves overall efficiency.