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Syensqo in the United States of America

Syensqo in the United States of America

In the United States, the company’s largest market, Syensqo is playing a key role in future-oriented sectors like green mobility, renewable materials and natural ingredients, by transforming our innovations into real-life solutions that advance the way we live, work, travel and play.

Syensqo’s unique portfolio of market leading solutions addresses environmental and social challenges, through electrification, lightweighting, advanced connectivity, resource efficiency, improving quality of life and sustainable sourcing. 

Since 1884, we have invested in manufacturing facilities and businesses across the United States, guided by a steadfast dedication to safety, sustainability, and environmental protection as outlined in our Responsible Care Policy. Opportunities abound to join Syensqo as we continue to invest, grow and shape the future.


Committed to Sustainable Innovation

Syensqo actively supports pioneering scientific research through partnerships with organizations, universities, and startup incubators, and strives to be the prime innovation partner for its customers - including at our Research & Innovation labs across the country. 

At the heart of the transition towards a net-zero economy, Syensqo drives value and long-term growth by integrating its sustainability strategy with its growth ambitions, focusing on circular solutions that enhance customer sustainability. 

Aiming to become carbon neutral by 2040, Syensqo is already the number one solar farmer in the United States among chemical companies, and 83% of its North American sites are using 100% renewable purchased electricity ahead of target.


  • Syensqo is building the largest North American production facility for electric vehicle materials in Augusta, Georgia. This project is supported by a $178M U.S. Department of Energy grant and a joint venture with Orbia. The new operations will provide material for more than 5 million EV batteries per year at full capacity and create hundreds of jobs throughout the value chain.
  • In the coming years, Syensqo composite materials, many of which are produced in the United States, will also be inside flying taxis, the next generation of fighter jets and future Artemis missions to the moon. 
  • In the biotechnology industry, Syensqo will build upon its Boston-based strategic collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks to combine chemistry and biology to convert renewable feedstocks into sustainable solutions that preserve natural resources and support the transition to a carbon neutral future.

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Pioneering solutions through science

Syensqo is at the forefront of driving change. We foster a culture of exploration, creative thinking and problem-solving, throughout our scientific, industrial, and technological ecosystems.