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Textured Hair Care Solutions

The Future of Textured Hair Care Products

As the demand for textured hair care products grows, formulators must continue to develop effective methods to address the specific needs of these hair types. Currently, with limited dedicated options, consumers with textured hair struggle to find trustworthy, mainstream brands that offer a tailored solution. With recognized experts, innovative partnerships and strategic positioning, Syensqo works with salons and formulators to advance production, testing and evaluation of the next generation of textured hair care products that limit the use of harsh chemicals, enhance natural hair properties and provide superior hair repair treatments. 

A Multi-billion Dollar Market 

The textured hair care industry is a sizable and growing market with few targeted solutions. Over 65% of the world’s consumer population, or about 1 billion consumers, has textured hair, which makes this multi-billion dollar business an enormous, untapped market opportunity. Specifically, women with textured hair spend 78% more on products than women with straight hair, on average. Additionally, the natural hair movement combined with the desire for specialized care products positions the textured hair care market for significant development. Shampoos and conditioners for textured hair continue to drive notable industry growth while textured styling products garner the market’s greatest share.


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Textured Hair Consumers Profile

Textured hair is comprised of unique characteristics that require specially formulated solutions. Consumers with textured hair often struggle with dryness, due to its intrinsic curl pattern, uplifted cuticles, less sebum secretion and limited spreading along the shaft. Its high ellipticity, curliness and structural delicacy make textured hair challenging to nourish and treat. These attributes render the hair particularly difficult to manage, as it requires increased efforts to comb and brush and a strategic hair care regimen. Traditional hair care formulations implement relaxers to overcome these complications, but often cause significant long-term damage to textured hair, making it brittle and prone to further breakage. 

With chemical-free hair as the new norm and relaxers fading into obscurity, protective styles, moisturization, and targeted repair treatments continue to gain momentum as the most desired textured hair care products. Consumers are focusing on their natural look now more than ever, as over 70% of women with textured hair wore natural hair styles this past year. Syensqo remains dedicated to enabling our partners to adapt to market trends and consumer needs. We offer strong formulation expertise, salon testing and the industry’s broadest portfolio of specialty ingredients for today’s most advanced textured hair care solutions.


Drive for Less Chemical Damage

Textured hair care consumers are searching for high-performing, ethically formulated solutions that are free of harmful chemicals and require gentler, sulfate-free formulations that care for their specific hair type. As these trends continue, consumers with textured hair turn to shampoos that cleanse and protect the hair without stripping it of its essential oils. Additionally, these individuals seek conditioners, hair moisturizing emollients and multi-functional treatments with fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients to infuse moisture and alleviate dryness with healthier products. 

Syensqo's portfolio of high-quality ingredients is specially formulated to provide solutions that are free of harmful chemicals for textured hair. These high-quality formulations utilize eco-friendly ingredients designed to provide formulators with sulfate- and silicone-free alternatives to meet the specialized requirements of the textured hair care market.

Enhancing Textured Hair Care with Moisturization 

Products developed for type 1 hair are not effective for textured hair types 2, 3 or 4. Consumers with textured hair struggle to maintain a natural hairstyle due to intrinsic dryness. Accordingly, consumer interests shift toward sustainable, moisturizing products that nourish their curl patterns and promote the existing texture. Moisturization is the leading demand for textured hair care products, and consumers search for natural and non-irritating formulations containing high levels of oils and with modern textures.


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Syensqo's advanced emulsifier, Mirataine® OMG MB, enables formulators to develop innovative, clear oil gel formulations for a wide variety of pre-wash and leave-on products. These sophisticated solutions provide consumers with more naturally derived formulations that offer excellent moisturization and enhanced nourishment for healthier textured hair. Syensqo's Alkamuls® PEG 16 CO is a naturally derived solubilizer ideally suited for clear hair cleansing formulations that incorporate high levels of oils and provide extra shiny softness even for higher damaged targets. Additionally, Jaguar® HP 105 is a nonionic guar derivative thickening polymer that imparts softness and moisture to hair as well as superior detangling. Syensqo's broad portfolio of ingredients for formulations that moisturize textured hair also includes Dermalcare® LIA MB, Jaguar Optima® and Miracare® SLB.

Repairing Treatments

Because of its curl pattern, textured hair becomes more brittle and prone to breakage over time, and requires increased efforts to manage and repair. Textured-hair consumers continue to require multi-functional treatments to repair damage from previous chemical treatments and negative environmental effects. These consumers seek eco-friendly formulations with more naturally derived hair strengthening ingredients that prevent damage and target scalp issues such as growth, dryness, itchiness, and dandruff. 

Syensqo's restorative solutions with advanced hair repair technology allow for the formulation of numerous hair care products and applications that fix split ends, detangle thin, textured hair and provide long-lasting hair repair. Polycare® Split Therapy is a naturally derived, non-ecotoxic hair repair active designed to mend split ends. Polycare® Rice C  is a rice-based cationic conditioner that offers outstanding moisturization and detangling in conditioners, conditioning shampoos and mousses. Jaguar® C162 is a repairing and deposition agent, naturally derived from guar and designed for excellent conditioning and easy wet combing for both opaque and transparent hair care formulations. 

Syensqo invests in the development of high-quality ingredients to provide formulators with innovative and high-performing alternatives to silicone and sulfate-based formulations to meet current and future needs of the textured hair care market. For more information on solutions for textured hair, contact our experts.

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