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From the Guar bean to naturally-derived polymers for personal care formulations
Jaguar® Range

Jaguar® Optima

Naturally-derived polymers for hair and skin care formulations

The most versatile of the cationic guars

Jaguar® Optima is a unique bio-based conditioning polymer optimized to deliver wet and dry hair conditioning benefits without weighing hair down. It is also an excellent additive to aid in the deposition of finely dispersed ingredients onto the hair and scalp and is an alternative to polymers such as polyquaternium-10.


What consumer needs does it answer?

"Jaguar® Optima provides a unique hair experience by enabling combing cleanliness, softness and formulation flexibility in silicone-free shampoos."

Stephanie Neplaz, Global Marketing Director, Hair care at Syensqo

Jaguar® Optima is optimized to deliver high performance with flexibility


What are the main attributes of Jaguar® Optima?

  • Delivers the wet combing performance by itself in silicone-containing shampoos

  • Delivers excellent dry combing performance by itself without weighing hair down
  • Provides superior ease of combing and conditioning feel vs. standard guars
  • Offers superior dimethicone deposition vs. polyquaternium polymers with less build-up
  • Aids deposition on hair and scalp
  • Provides a flexible guar suitable for all hair types
Wet combing measurements on bleached Caucasion hair
Silicone deposit on hair


Jaguar® Optima, a naturally-derived conditioning polymer





Hair Care

  • Hair conditioning agent
  • Deposition agent
  • Excellent conditioning
  • No build-up
  • Silicone-free & sulfate-free 
  • COSMOS certified
  • Shampoos & rinses
  • Conditioner & masks