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From the Guar bean to naturally-derived polymers for personal care formulations

Jaguar® HP-120 COS

Naturally-derived polymers for hair and skin care formulations

High-efficiency thickener for alcohol-based personal care solutions

Jaguar® HP-120 COS is a naturally-based polymer, ideal for formulating high alcohol content in personal care solutions. This conditioning thickener is proven to leave skin feeling moisturized with no residual tacky after-feel. 

What consumer needs does it answer?

  • Naturally-derived ingredient for personal care formulations
  • Enables the creation of crystal clear formulations such as hand sanitizers 
  •  Care sensory signal with a smooth and soft feel   


Formulating hand sanitizers with Jaguar® HP-120 COS

Jaguar® HP-120 COS is a conditioning thickener ideal for formulating alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels. It provides moisturizing benefits for soft and protected hands. Derived from guar, a natural and renewable raw material, Jaguar® HP 120 COS is compatible with high levels of alcohol (up to 90%) for high-performance antibacterial hand sanitizers. Jaguar® HP 120 COS enables formulators to create hydro-alcoholic gels with moisturizing benefits to leave hands clean, soft and protected.


Watch Solvay's formulation of hand sanitizer gel on YouTube.


What are the main attributes of Jaguar® HP-120 COS

  • Disperses and hydrates quickly to allow savings in manufacturing cycle time
  • The most renewable of all the alcohol thickeners available to formulators
  • Ease of combing and homogeneity of hair
  • Enable the reduction of the cationic surfactant level, allowing to formulate with reduced environmental impact


  • Emollient
  • Thickener 
  • Film-forming 
  • Conditioner
  • No tackiness
  • Smooth feel 
  • Natural origin
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Conditioners & masks
  • Body lotions