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Syensqo in the Skin Care Industry

The skin is our body’s largest organ so skin care is pivotal to both our overall health and visual appearance. Carefully focusing on the delicate areas of the face, neck and chest, skin care also adeptly addresses the body's broader needs.

Skin care embodies a triad of core values: safety and benefits for the consumer, eco-friendly ingredients and a seamless amalgamation of sustainability, science and efficacy, ensuring well-being for all. In today’s dynamic skin care landscape, three macro trends prominently stand out:

  • Responsible-Care: a desire for quality ingredients for both people and the planet.
  • Beyond-Care: an extension of care and application, from skin care to adjacencies.
  • Self-Care: a holistic approach to skin care in pursuit of one’s well-being.

"By capitalizing on our expertises and technologies, combined with our sustainable approach, we are able to eco-design unique solutions to answer the needs of the skin care market."

Léa Seidenbinder, Global Marketing Manager, Skin Care at Syensqo

A Perfect Combination of Sustainability and Ambition

Venturing boldly into the skin care market, we aim to diversify our specialty beauty care portfolio. This strategic move is underscored by an unwavering commitment to providing specialty ingredients, ranging from emollients and rheology modifiers to green emulsifiers, texturizing agents and specialty active ingredients designed specifically for skin care. Through technological mastery and a rich heritage of expertise in hair care and skin cleansing, Syensqo is poised to offer unique and innovative ingredients that adeptly meet the nuanced needs of the skin care market.

The recent acquisition of JinYoung Bio empowers us to expand our skin care portfolio with an extensive range of biomimetic, nature-inspired ceramides, hero ingredients in cosmetics, including the fast-growing dermocosmetics.

Syensqo’s Commitment to Sustainability

Throughout its history, Syensqo has consistently transformed to meet new challenges with a focus on ensuring a prosperous future for its people, businesses and the planet. Syensqo R&I experts have translated this philosophy into a variety of offerings deeply rooted in science. We provide sustainable, high-performing solutions that are not only eco-friendly and eco-conscious but also have the approval of discerning consumers. Syensqo continuously evolves in response to consumer perceptions and behaviors that honor the environmental limits of our planet.

Committed to sustainability at every step, we take responsible actions that care for both the planet and its people. We diligently focus on responsible sourcing, maintaining sustainable and fair supply chains (notably through guar circularity) and addressing the heightened demands of our skincare customers for naturalness, transparency and traceability, all with a steadfast focus on equity and respect. By increasing our investments and efforts in biotechnologies, such as “biotech beauty” and fermentation, we are actively minimizing our environmental impact.