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Screws and Fasteners

High-Performance Component Lightweighting


A Lightweight Design to Improve Aircraft Performance and Safety

The contribution of aviation to global warming has led to focus on energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. Specialty Polymers offers a wide range of alternatives to metals for all kinds of screws and fasteners for today’s lightweighting design needs.


Torlon® PAI, KetaSpire® PEEKAvaSpire® PAEK

Specialty Polymers offer excellent mechanical strength and high temperature performance.   They also have outstanding friction and wear resistance and have a broad chemical resistance to withstand aircraft fluids, insecticides and cleaning agents. They all have inherent flame-retardant properties and can be manufactured into tight tolerance parts for precision designs. 

  • Torlon® PAI retains its toughness, high strength and high stiffness at temperatures up to 275°C (525°F), in both dry and lubricated environments. It also exhibits outstanding creep and is ideally suited for harsh environments with its chemical resistance to strong acids and most organics.  
  • KetaSpire® PEEK offers excellent strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance plus one of the best levels of chemical resistance among plastics. This combination with a continuous-use temperature of 240°C (464°F) makes it ideal for metal replacement in the most severe end-use environments. 
  • AvaSpire® PAEK is a versatile family of polymer grades tailored to provide new high-performance, cost-effective solutions. The AV-600 series delivers a range of distinctive performance attributes with more attractive economics compared to PEEK. While the AV-700 series offers comparable performance to PEEK at up to 30% lower cost

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