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Additive Manufacturing Solutions

High Performance Filaments and Powders for 3D Printing

Syensqo’s portfolio of specialty polymer filaments for 3D Printing offers the highest levels of strength and stiffness, flame resistance, chemical resistance, and reliable performance in high and low temperatures. These polymers are durablelight weight and corrosion free alternatives to metal. 

  • KetaSpire® PEEK Filament provides exceptional fatigue and chemical resistance and retains its excellent mechanical properties at continuous-use temperatures up to 240°C (464°F).
  • KetaSpire® Carbon-Filled PEEK Filament with 10% carbon fiber reinforcement for increased strength over unfilled PEEK.
  • Radel® PPSU Filament delivers the highest performance of our sulfone polymers, offering better impact resistance and chemical resistance than polysulfone (PSU) and polyetherimide (PEI) along with high heat resistance and excellent hydrolytic stability.
  • Powders: NovaSpire™ PEKK AM Powder is available for sampling. To find out more, contact us.  

Our line of healthcare grades passed ISO 10993 Limited contact testing (having less than 24 hours contact with bodily fluids and tissue) and with our team of global regulatory specialists, we can support medical device submissions and data request.

In addition we offer a range of polymer films that can be used for AM Build Sheets.


'Print it Right First Time' Services

Syensqo is partnering with leading Additive Manufacturing hardware and software innovators to jointly optimize materials, processes, and design ⁠— and help you design, test, and print the best possible high-performance 3D parts.

Software Solutions for 3D Manufacturing

Syensqo is leveraging its long-standing partnership with e-Xstream Engineering to offer customers predictive simulation solutions for additive manufacturing applications that demand a higher level of end-part performance. Syensqo’s high-performance KetaSpire® PEEK, Ketaspire® PEEK CF as well as Radel® PPSU filaments are available in e-Xstream Engineering Digimat® for Additive Manufacturing (Digimat-AM) simulation software.


Hardware Solutions for 3D Manufacturing

We are working with an ecosystem of printer manufacturers to enable optimal use of our high-performance products, whatever your additive manufacturing objective. Whether you want to do part-prototyping on a desktop printer or use an established industrial platform for high-end series production, our objective is to help you find the best printing platform for our materials. We are also developing strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the printer manufacturing space to offer optimized material/hardware solutions to the market.


Syensqo’s Printer Evaluation Program (S-PEP)

We tested, so you can print.

Since 2018, Syensqo has been developing its Syensqo Printer Evaluation Program (S-PEP) to benchmark the most promising high-temperature printers currently on the market. Our aim is to facilitate adoption of 3D printing with high-performance polymers by establishing a standard methodology to evaluate printer performance and optimising processing conditions for each printing system to get the best part properties. The program builds on Syensqo’s recognised material expertise and technology leadership in high-performance polymers. It is also a unique learning opportunity for the participating printer manufacturers, with the ambition to bring AM together to the next level.
Learn about the key success factors for printing high-performance polymers on open printers and how to accelerate your own AM programs by leveraging the S-PEP methodology and insights. Download our white paper.