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Seat Armrest and Passenger Service Unit

When Lightweighting Means Strength and Beauty


Lightweighting Materials of Choice

Lightweighting is a key issue in the aerospace industry. The requirement is to make aircraft more fuel efficient, meet increasingly stringent emission regulations and become more sustainable. Specialty Polymers are the materials of choice for applications where exceptional strength, rigidity and beautiful surface-finish are needed.


Alternative to Metal for Seat Armrests

Seat armrests need to be tough and resistant with a flawless surface finish. Ixef® PARA is a cost-effective, high strength alternative to replace metals with a range of custom colors to choose from. 



Tough and Outstanding Resistance for Passenger Service Units 

Radel® PPSU is a versatile cabin material that shows superior resistance to aircraft fluids, cleaning agents and insecticides. It is also adaptable to all process methods.  

  • Able to match super-white color

  • High flow for thin-walled molded parts

  • Available in films, sheet injection, extrusion and blow-molding grades

  • Can be painted


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