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eGuide: High-Performance Polymers for PP-R, CPVC and PEX Pipe Fitting Systems

Are Plastics The New Metal? 

Although metals continue to dominate in pipe networks, their limitations are well-known. Over time, chlorine-based treatment produces an oxidizing environment, particularly when combined with elevated temperatures. As a result, heavy metals are released, entering drinking water and shortening the service life of fitting components. 

In the eGuides you will discover the performance advantages of plastic pipe fittings materials, including  Radel® PPSU , which deliver:

  • Long-term hydrostatic strength
  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Injection molding compatibility
  • Ease of processing 
  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • Low tensile and compressive creep
  • Exceptional thermal stability

Download our eGuides to learn more about Syensqo’s injection molded plastics for pipe fittings and polymers for PEX pipe systems.


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Conventional Wisdom Is Changing 

Increasingly, metals are being replaced by high-performance polymers for pipe fittings. These versatile plastic pipe materials have been demonstrated to outperform metal pipe fitting components, delivering a variety of critical advantages, such as eliminating heavy metal contamination risks and ensuring safe, potable water. At the same time, water leakage is no longer acceptable. Fittings and water system component OEMs must deliver solutions that save water and curb waste. This is where 100% polymeric fittings systems play a vital role, reducing part failure and limiting water loss and damage that occurs from leakage.

Better than Metal

  • Corrosion free
  • No heavy metals
  • No scale build-up
  • Superior thermal insulation
  • More design freedom
  • Lower environmental footprint

High-Performance Criteria

  • Over 20 years in pressurized systems
  • Resistance to hot chlorinated water
  • Ease of installation
  • Global agency approvals
  • Lower overall cost

Learn more about our High-Performance Polymers for PP-R, CPVC and PEX Pipe Fitting Systems: Access our eGuides now!