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How Specialty Polymers Improve Plumbing Fittings

Today’s plumbing fittings need high-quality materials to develop longer-lasting and more durable systems. To ensure the reliability of fittings, manufacturers are using high-performance polymers for plumbing that replace metal to reduce instances of part failure caused by creep rupture, corrosion and fatigue. Syensqo’s extensive portfolio of specialty polymers for plumbing systems is specifically formulated to deliver high resistance, cost-competitive performance and international certifications for contact with drinking water.



Outstanding Resistance Properties

Pipes and fittings in plumbing systems must maintain high performance despite exposure to continuous water flow, changing temperatures and oxidizers. Syensqo formulates a selection of durable plastics for hot water and steam that offer tremendous resistance to creep, corrosion and chemicals for longer-lasting plumbing fittings. Specifically, Solef® PVDF is a polymer for high pressure applications that delivers outstanding chemical and fatigue resistance and is ideal for implementation in multilayer pipe systems with pressure up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 95°C. Additionally, Radel® PPSU is a sulfone polymer with very high creep rupture resistance.


Cost-Effective Performance

Manufacturers must balance cost-efficiency with quality performance when selecting materials for plumbing components. Volatile metal prices contribute to expensive corrosion-resistant metal fittings, which can cost about 50% more than polymer-based parts. Syensqo designs cost-competitive polymers for plumbing that are uniquely formulated for implementation in a range of fittings including stable fittings for multilayer plumbing systems. Specifically, Udel® PSU is a corrosion-resistant polymer that acts as a cost-effective metal replacement for plumbing fittings while also offering low creep, excellent dimensional stability and high strength even when exposed to hot chlorinated water.


Certified for Drinking Water Contact

Polymer-based components eliminate the risk of contamination from heavy metals used in traditional fittings, and polymers with a smooth surface finish reduce biofilm adhesion for cleaner water. Syensqo streamlines manufacturing processes for OEMs through credible certifications to guarantee the safety of our polymers that come in contact with drinking water. Our broad portfolio of contamination-resistant polymers for plumbing systems and fittings has been examined under expected end-use conditions and are certified and approved for drinking water contact. Additionally, our selection of specialty polymers for water applications is proven to reduce bacteria and eliminate heavy metal contamination.