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How Innovative Specialty Polymers Empower Electronic Components

As modern electronics continue to evolve, engineers must strive to design newer, smaller, and more lightweight components. Syensqo’s broad portfolio of specialty materials for electronic components provides OEMs with the ability to choose from various premium polymers and lubricants, contributing to significant design flexibility and innovation. These versatile solutions offer a range of beneficial properties to enable miniaturization and reliable performance in some of today’s most advanced electronic devices. 


Unrivaled Ease of Processing for Optical Connectors

Modern fiber optic components undergo extremely demanding environments during application. 

Accordingly, housing materials for applications such as fiber optic connectors must exhibit a unique combination of properties to withstand these conditions, enabling OEMs to keep pace with industry-wide innovation expectations. Optical fiber connector housings require materials with tight tolerance, flame resistance, colorability, low relaxation, excellent UV resistance and exceptional aging resistance to meet and surpass conventional processing and performance standards. 

Syensqo’s Veradel® PESU delivers on all of these fronts and provides OEMs with an outstanding combination of strength and reliability properties. Veradel® PESU demonstrates low shrinkage and high dimensional stability, good colorability, low moisture absorption and inherent flame resistance, which makes it an ideal housing material choice for the manufacturing of innovative optical connectors. Additionally, this dependable resin displays excellent mechanical property retention over extended periods, good chemical resistance and outstanding toughness to enable smaller, more durable optical connectors.  


Specialty Boundary Lubricants for Hard Disk Drives 

In today’s hard disk drives (HDDs), intermittent contact can occur between the head of the disk, which can lead to significant friction and wear. Lubricants play a key role in the tribology and performance of modern HDDs by preventing solid-to-solid contact and improving the longevity of the working components. The evolution of innovative lubricants continues to pave the way for advancements in drive reliability. HDDs require lubrication with versatile performance benefits, as they demand physical spacing to reduce the head-media separation (HMS), head-disk interface reliability, touch down power, mobility and contamination pick-up. 

Breakthrough functional PFPE lubricants such as Syensqo’s Fomblin® PFPE and Galden® PFPE provide significant processing and performance enhancements for HDD components. Engineered specifically for HDD environments and applications, these fluorinated lubricants exhibit long-term lubrication where heat, chemicals, solvents, corrosion and flammability are typically problematic. Fomblin® PFPE and Galden® PFPE demonstrate excellent thermal, chemical and electrical resistance, low vapor pressure, low surface tension, flexible chain and good surface affinity to ensure long-lasting and reliable lubrication and extend drive life, even in tighter and tighter spaces. These innovative materials for HDDs facilitate a variety of resilient and dependable electronic devices to drive the market forward.  


Dielectric Material Solutions for Printed Circuit Boards 

As signal strength in high-frequency communication electronics becomes increasingly imperative, today’s printed circuit boards (PCBs) and flexible printed circuits (FPCs) require extremely low dielectric loss materials. Miniaturization continues to drive innovation in circuit boards, and materials for PCBs and FPCs must demonstrate exceptional dielectric properties, as well as high flow and strength to deliver optimal performance in smaller devices. Additionally, circuit board materials must be equipped with stability at extreme temperatures, flame retardance and chemical resistance to withstand modern processing methods and application environments of today’s electronic components

Syensqo’s family of liquid crystal polymers, Xydar® LCP and fluoropolymers, Algoflon® PTFE, Hyflon® PFA & MFA, offers an innovative combination of optimal properties for dielectric applications, including an extremely high heat resistance, low water absorption, surface mount technology (SMT) compatibility and outstanding chemical resistance. Its exceptional dielectric properties make Xydar® LCP, Algoflon® PTFE and Hyflon® PFA & MFA an ideal dielectric material for PCBs and FPCs. Additionally, Xydar® LCP can be injection molded into thin-wall components, which contributes to miniaturization of connectors, as it maintains its strength and durability despite a significant reduction in surface area.