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Materials for Electronic Components

Syensqo's innovative solutions enable electronics OEMs to create products that satisfy end-user demands for high quality, high performance, and durability. Our materials address industry needs with both manufacturers and consumers in mind, providing ultimate answers to issues in resistance, weatherability, resistance, and more. Depending on the application, consider the following fluids, carbonates, polymers, thermoplastics, resins, coatings, and more to create leading electronic components.


  • Amodel® PPA - Offering heat resistance and electrical properties ideal for connectors, switches, circuit breakers and other applications, Amodel® PPA offers high strength and stiffness, superior flow and flatness, low flash and high gloss.   
  • Fomblin® PFPE - These perfluoropolyether fluids provide capacitors and sensors with temperature stability, optical and lubrication characteristics, low evaporative loss.  
  • Strontium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Barium Carbonate - These three precipitated carbonates offer controlled particle six and a low level of impurities, making them ideal for capacitors. 
  • Solvene® EAP - As a family of ferroelectric polymers, Solvene® EAP provides electromechanical properties and easy processing for sensors. It offers a blend of piezo, pyro and ferroelectric properties and is electroactive without extensive post-treatment. 
  • Ajedium™ Films - As a high-performance and developmental spectrum of thermoplastics, Ajedium™ films enable sensors to meet requirements for high temperature, high purity, strength, clarity, weatherability, dielectric properties, chemical resistance and ignition properties.   
  • Xydar® LCP - A glass fiber or mineral-filled resin featuring excellent flow properties, Xydar® LCP can be injection molded into thin-wall components with outstanding strength at extreme temperatures. It’s inherently flame retardant with outstanding dielectric, low moisture absorption property for PCB/FPC when fabricated as thin film.  
  • Solef® PVDF - A highly non-reactive thermoplastic, Solef® PVDF enhances wire and cables in fiber optics, offering high fire, chemical and UV resistance, lightweight flexibility and low thermal conductivity.  
  • Hylar® PVDF - A family of PVDF coatings, Hylar® PVDF retains quality even under harsh conditions, offering temperature and chemical stability along with exceptional weather resistance.  
  • Halar® ECTFE - An ideal choice for various applications, Halar® ECTFE provides excellent weatherability and/or chemical resistance.