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Close up of fiber optics

Optical Components

Expanding the Fiber Optics Market  

Electronic optical components require high-quality materials to withstand demanding external elements and environments, such as changing climates and chemicals. Fiber optics applications need to be manufactured with solutions that provide tight tolerance, flame resistance, coloring capability, low relaxation, UV- and aging resistance. 

Syensqo's exceptional materials provide fiber optics OEMs with the necessary technologies to address common performance and electrical and optical concerns. Syensqo supplies materials that grant optical components low shrinkage, high dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, inherent flame resistance, high oxygen index, mechanical property retention, sustainable supply, and highlight transmission rate and colorability.


Advanced Materials for Fiber Optics

Our broad-ranging portfolio enables high-performing fiber optics components. Veradel® PSU, Ryton® PPS, Solef® PVDFand Fluorolink® PFPE contribute to the common structural parts of optical fiber connectors. Veradel® PESU and Ryton® PPPS enforce high-quality in the common structural part of optical transceiver modules.  

Improving Fiber Optics Applications

The fiber optics market is rapidly expanding and projected to continue throughout the decade, so the materials used in fiber optics components increasingly require excellent qualities. An optical fiber connector enables quicker connection and disconnection than splicing, and optical transceiver modules allow connection between the electrical interface and the outside world of a system. Our specialty portfolio provides these fiber optics components with transparency, good chemical resistance, high-temperature performance, isotropic properties including CLTE and mold shrinkage, outstanding toughness, and excellent colorability.

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