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Syensqo unveils Cerafy™, a range of biomimetic natural ceramides, revolutionary active ingredients in beauty care

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Engineered through state-of-the-art biotechnology, Cerafy™ brings unparalleled benefits to cosmetic products, including fast-growing dermocosmetics

Following the recent acquisition of JinYoung Bio, a specialty cosmetic ingredients supplier based in South Korea, Syensqo launches Cerafy™, a range of biomimetic natural ceramides for skin care and hair care applications. 

The launch of CerafyTM demonstrates Syensqo’s commitment to rapidly grow its Beauty Care business and portfolio toward more natural specialty skin care solutions.

Cerafy™ Pure NPo, the first product in the range, is a pure ceramide 3 solution that addresses the decrease in natural ceramide levels within the skin. It helps protect skin against dryness and prevents premature aging by revitalizing the skin’s barrier function. 

“Ceramides are pivotal in maintaining the skin’s integrity, acting as a protective barrier in the outermost layer of the skin to lock in moisture and shield against environmental damage. With Cerafy™, we enable formulators to develop responsible and personalized skin care routines that help restore, protect and maintain the skin's beauty and health.” 

Léa Seidenbinder, Global Skin Care Marketing Manager at Syensqo

Cerafy™ is produced through a unique fermentation process that aligns with the focus of Syensqo’s Renewable Materials and Biotechnology Growth Platform. The platform leverages biotechnologies as an enabler to develop renewable carbon-based and safe chemistry to accelerate the transformation toward sustainable and circular solutions.

Natural ceramides are also key active ingredients for hair care and skin cleansing formulations. To that end, Syensqo will focus its research and innovation efforts on further developing the Cerafy™ range over the coming months.

Syensqo is a science company developing groundbreaking solutions that enhance the way we live, work, travel and play. Inspired by the scientific councils which Ernest Solvay initiated in 1911, we bring great minds together to push the limits of science and innovation for the benefit of our customers, with a diverse, global team of more than 13,000 associates in 30 countries.

Our solutions contribute to safer, cleaner, and more sustainable products found in homes, food and consumer goods, planes, cars, batteries, smart devices and health care applications. Our innovation power enables us to deliver on the ambition of a circular economy and explore breakthrough technologies that advance humanity.
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