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AAM city


Innovative Solutions for the Future of Advanced Air Mobility Applications 

In an evolving industry like urban air mobility and advanced air mobility, designers and manufacturers alike require high-performing material solutions that allow for unmatched innovation in a wide variety of applications. Syensqo offers expertise and a diverse portfolio for OEMs who are dedicated to progressing the future of advanced air mobility. Learn more about where our advanced materials for advanced air mobility (AAM) can be used and how our solutions can solve complex challenges for the industry.


Our extensive portfolio of advanced materials offers solutions for drone blades and UAM propellers, including toughened prepregs, infusion resins, high-temperature materials, specialty polymers, films, and adhesives. Our technical and processing expertise allows our experts to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. Discover more.

Plane's interior


Solutions for AAM interiors must serve multifunctional purposes, from lightweighting to end-user comfort. Syensqo’s materials for AAM and UAM are designed to address the complexities of this evolving market with versatile benefits for design, manufacturing, and overall performance. Discover more.

Small Delivery and Mission-Specific Drones

Drone usage is increasing across the globe, with individual consumers, companies and governments exploring the benefits that small delivery and mission-specific drones can bring. Syensqo’s comprehensive portfolio of materials for drones is high-performing and can be adapted to the many unique needs of drone manufacturers. Discover more.

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Quadcopter Drone Carrying First Aid Package In The Air


With a comprehensive portfolio of composite materials for AAM, Syensqo delivers reliable solutions for empennage, wings, fuselage, nacelles, booms, pylons, and randomes to create efficient and lightweight AAM vehicles. Discover more.

Other UAM Applications

Our versatile product offering can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of the next generation of advanced air mobility applications. These include wiring and interconnectivity, alternatives to metals, long-lasting lubrication and advanced sealing solutions. Discover more.