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Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Quadcopter Drone Carrying First Aid Package In The Air

Small Delivery Drones

Cutting-Edge Materials for Small Delivery Drones

The drone market is rapidly expanding, and manufacturers must consistently adapt their processes to meet the evolving needs of this cutting-edge industry. As a leading material supplier to the aerospace market, Syensqo is well positioned to positively contribute to the continued development of the commercial drone market for a range of applications.

Our capabilities extend beyond raw material supply and focus on innovative materials and processes that are particularly well-suited to the ever-changing needs of tomorrow’s drone technology. With the industry’s most extensive portfolio of aerospace solutions, Syensqo plays a vital role in ensuring the sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective future of the modern commercial drone market.


Diverse Drone Technology Solution Usages

The drone market is diverse and spans a multitude of industries including low payload deliveries, agricultural monitoring, crop dusting, healthcare support, military operations, surveillance, mapping, weather determination, entertainment, consumer hobby, traffic monitoring, information relay and transmission. 

No matter the industry, drones require lightweight, high-quality performance materials equipped with excellent design flexibility. Syensqo’s industry-leading portfolio provides solutions for a wide range of usages and applications, including robust structural parts, propellers, e-motors, batteries and electronic components.

Specialty Materials Solutions for Drone Components 

Syensqo offers the broadest portfolio of qualified aerospace materials applicable for use in drone applications, including industry-proven thermoset and thermoplastic composites, specialty polymers, structural adhesives and functional films.

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