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Reach New Heights with Syensqo’s Solutions for AAM

As an established supplier of composite materials for advanced air mobility (AAM) and advanced air mobility applications, Syensqo combines the industry experience, formulation expertise, and portfolio versatility that designers and manufacturers have been searching for. Discover our advanced solutions for AAM and UAM, including renowned brands like CYCOM®, PRISM®, AeroPaste®, FusePlyTM, and more. 

  • MTM45-1 - MTM® 45-1 is a flexible curing temperature, high performance, toughened epoxy matrix system optimised for low pressure, vacuum bag processing. MTM45-1 can also be autoclave cured.
  • CYCOM® EP2190 - This highly toughened resin is formulated with the most advanced epoxy chemistry. Optimized for structural efficiency with excellent resistance to impact and delamination growth under fatigue. 
  • CYCOM® EP2750 - This toughened epoxy resin system is designed for high-volume composite manufacturing in urban air mobility applications. CYCOM® EP2750 handles similar to standard prepreg but can be press cured to create autoclave-quality parts with very low porosity. 
  • APC PEKK and PEEK Thermoplastic Composite Tapes -  These grades of APC thermoplastic composite tapes deliver exceptional weight and cost advantages in addition to unique characteristics optimized for use in innovative UAM and AAM applications. With options for a thermoplastic matrix based on PEKK or PEEK, UAM manufacturers can select the ideal combination of features for specialized usage.
  • PRISM® EP2400 - Toughened epoxy resin infusion system that serves as a versatile solution for geometrically complex parts in the primary and secondary structures of UAM and AAM applications.
  • AeroPaste® - This portfolio of epoxy-based structural paste adhesives offers properties and performance comparable or superior to leading film adhesives available today. In addition to improved manufacturer flexibility, AeroPaste® solutions for AAM also enable improved bonding performance and streamlined manufacturing for lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient aircraft.
  • FusePly™ As a breakthrough composite bonding technology, FusePlyTM promotes improved performance, optimized build rates and enhanced lightweighting in AAM and advanced air mobility applications. FusePlyTM is designed for rapid AAM manufacturing and reliable bonding that results in covalently bonded structures that do not require numerous rivets and fasteners.
  • FM® - The FM® portfolio of structural film and foam adhesives is designed to meet precise temperature, toughness and cure requirements and deliver exceptional performance in challenging environments, such as UAM and AAM. These high-performance and versatile adhesives are effective for metal-to-metal, composite-to-metal and composite-to-composite bonding.
  • SURFACE MASTER® - The family of SURFACE MASTER® composite surfacing films reduces surface defects by 95% or more and eliminates the need for additional labor and processing to manufacturing a part. With outstanding performance and a wide selection of weights and product forms, SURFACE MASTER® composite surfacing films provide versatile and reliable solutions for urban air mobility and advanced air mobility OEMs. 
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - The portfolio of KetaSpire® PEEK ultra-polymers provides an outstanding selection of high-quality solutions for urban air mobility. These lightweight materials for AAMand AAM feature performance benefits like high specific strength and modulus, exceptional chemical resistance and excellent creep and fatigue resistance. 
  • Evolite® PPS - EvoliteTM advanced thermoplastic composites are formulated to optimize mechanical performance in ultra-lightweight composite applications. These lightweight materials for UAM and AAM deliver unmatched mechanical resistance under tensile, flexural, compressive or shear stress, plus outstanding crash capabilities. EvoliteTM PPS thermoplastics for AAM are glass or carbon fiber reinforced and also enable more efficient design and manufacturing processes.