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Other AAM Applications

Material Solutions for Diverse AAM Applications

Syensqo’s experience in wide-ranging aerospace applications enables manufacturers to address the most demanding technical challenges in the next generation of AAM applications. 

As a leading innovative supplier of material solutions for AAM applications, Syensqo’s thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials, specialty polymers, structural adhesives, and functional films address the needs of specialized applications for advanced air mobility.


Supporting AAM Manufacturers in their Innovation Journey

AAM manufacturers benefit from Syensqo’s extensive portfolio of versatile composite materials developed for use in the aerospace industry. Syensqo offers an extensive range of specialty polymer solutions and composite materials for AAM applications, including wiring and interconnectivity, lubrication and more.

Specialty Materials for AAM Applications

Syensqo offers a broad range of materials that enable manufacturers to meet the demanding weight restrictions and production targets in advanced AAM applications. Advanced Air Mobility customers are able to employ cost-efficient manufacturing processes with materials such as our specialty polymer solutions. The future of lightweight and reliable structures for AAM applications is possible thanks to Syensqo’s advanced solutions.

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