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View of a airplane front


MTM® advanced prepregs and adhesives for demanding application

MTM® (Medium Temperature Molding) portfolio includes toughened epoxy system prepregs and adhesives for diverse applications including aircraft’ primary and secondary structure, interiors, automotive body & chassis and also mass transit applications

MTM®'s wide range of products provide manufacturers different options to support aircraft assembly with both critical weight-saving and cost benefits.

Typical cure temperatures for MTM prepregs and adhesives are in the range of 80 to 135°C (176 to 275°F).

What are the advantages of MTM®? 

MTM® prepregs and resin systems were specifically developed to address the Aerospace and Automotive markets’ challenges such as lower manufacturing costs and high performance. They allow:

  • Both excellent environmental and hot/wet mechanical performance
  • High toughness and excellent energy absorption characteristics combined with a lower cured density
  • High Impact and damage resistance
  • Many systems offer fire, smoke and toxicity performance 
  • Optimized tack and drape
  • Many products provide excellent adhesion to core materials with no need of an additional adhesive
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