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Bottom view of chassis and suspension car
Body & Chassis


Creating Better Body and Chassis Components

For exceptional consumer experience, automotive manufacturers seek products that help them develop the next generation of vehicle safety and aesthetics. Syensqo's materials are equipped to enhance structural parts, interiors, body panels, coatings, brake systems and steering systems.

Body Panels

While body panels must be light in weight, they must also meet stringent regulations concerning their safety and rigidity. Modern body panels benefit from SolvaLite® because of its excellent mechanical properties and capability to be used in high volume applications. Discover more.

Close up of human male hand opening car door
Disc brake of the vehicle for repair

Brake System

Brake systems require high-quality materials to improve accident prevention and the safety profiles of automobiles. To maximize the reliability of brake systems, Amodel® PPA is used to reinforce the strength of key components such as anti-lock braking systems and more. Discover more.


Because of UV light deterioration, interiors lose their high-quality aesthetics and protective features. Manufacturers seeking high-quality interiors trust CYASORB® CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® light stabilizers to extend the service life of plastics constantly exposed to UV light. Discover more.


Car seats regulation control panel with memory mode and door handle
Modern car interior


Steering System

Steering systems are exposed to constant high-temperature service and need materials that deliver thermal stability. KetaSpire® PEEK operates at high temperatures and retains its mechanical properties under continuous, high-volume use. Discover more.

Structural Parts

For exemplary safety, manufacturers need superior materials to enhance structural parts in vehicles. Our MTM® products enhance the crash safety profiles of the body and chassis by optimizing structural stability in structural parts. Discover more.

Car body inside the metal skeleton frame structure on conveyor modern assembly of cars automobile manufacturing process line of car body in the factory