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Advanced Brands for Power Electronics

Syensqo’s portfolio of specialized solutions for electric vehicles offers a variety of benefits to vital applications such as power electronics. Our advanced solutions enhance key properties such as chemical resistance, dimensional stability and low moisture absorption.


  • Amodel® PPA - With a long history of replacing metals in automotive applications, Amodel® PPA outperforms traditional metals under harsh environments. Amodel® Bios specifically is known to reduce environmental impact of the automotive industry while displaying amazing weld line strength, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and low moisture absorption. Amodel® PPA is used in a variety of power electronics, including connectors for high voltage, low voltage and date transfer, capacitors and power modules, busbars, cooling connectors and plugs and housings and top covers.
  • Xydar® LCP - Xydar® LCP is particularly indicated for thin-wall parts and optimized for thermal cycle performance in power electronic applications. This family of liquid crystal polymers is primarily utilized in connectors, due to its excellent chemical resistance and dimensional stability. 
  • Ryton® PPS - As a high heat polymer known for its exceptional dimensional stability, Ryton® PPS addresses common issues of systems exposed to high temperatures, automotive fluids or mechanical stress. Materials made with Ryton® PPS are lightweight and have innate corrosion resistance to salts and automotive fluids. Ryton® PPS is primarily used in bubars and IGBT capacitors, as well as cooling circuit components due to its glycol and silicone resistance.
  • Omnix® HPPA - The Omnix® HPPA Family is characterized by its stiffness, dimensional stability, lightweighting and strength. With the ability to retain mechanical properties after moisture absorption, Omnix® HPPA displays chemical and heat resistance, making it optimal for power electronics housings and top covers.
  • Ixef® PARA - Offering manufacturers advanced design freedom, Ixef® PARA is the top choice for manufacturers that design complex parts needing strength. 
  • Xencor™ Long Fiber Thermoplastics - Xencor™ LFT compounds are known for being a great replacement for metals in challenging technical components needing high stability, strength and corrosion resistance, which makes them a choice material for power electronics and top cover applications.