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Power Electronics

Power Electronic Solutions for E-Mobility

Power electronics for automotive applications require high-performance materials able to withstand elevated-temperature service while maintaining their strength, stiffness and mechanical integrity with no risk of electro-corrosion. The e-mobility industry is also trending towards enhanced voltages and reduced packaging and weight for more efficient electric vehicle applications. 

As electric vehicle designs prioritize high-temperature resistance, increased voltages and weight reduction, Syensqo’s specialty polymer solutions help manufacturers and engineers reach safe performance enhancements in electric vehicles. Our V0-rated, halogen-free high-performance polymers are designed with superior electrical properties to enhance the safety of components needing to withstand prolonged, elevated temperatures.

Lightweight and Strong Materials for Power Electronics

For decades, Syensqo’s advanced solutions have provided the most outstanding enhancements for the automotive industry. Now, as the future of automotive looks towards e-mobility, power electronics applications require lightweight and reliable materials for advanced structures. Syensqo’s advanced material solutions for power electronics enable manufacturers to meet weight reduction requirements and high-heat resistance in e-mobility applications.

Enhancing the Capabilities of Power Electronics 

Advanced e-motor applications require exceptionally resilient materials to address the many design, environmental, electrical and thermal challenges manufacturers face. As OEMs look into the future of the automotive industry, they can rely on Syensqo’s expertise to enhance key aspects of power electronics applications in e-mobility, such as HV connectors and busbars, capacitors, power modules (IGBT / MOSFET / SiC), cooling circuit components, cooling connectors and plugs, and inverter housings and top covers.

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ApplicationRequirementsSpecialty Polymer Solutions

Connectors for high voltage, low voltage, data transfer



Halogen free (eliminates corrosion risks)


Low water uptake (dimensional stability)

Amodel® PPA *

Xydar® LCP *

Capacitors for IGBT, phase lead busbars  /
AC connectors rod




Halogen free

Low water uptake (dimensional stability)

Heat resistance

Ryton® PPS *

Amodel® PPA *

Cooling circuit components (coolant passage covers, capacitor / IGBT cooling fins)

Glycol resistance


Thermal conductivity (heat shield / fins) 

FR V0 in some cases

Ryton® PPS * (glycol stabilized or thermally conductive)
Cooling connectors and plugs

Dimensional stability

Heat and chemical resistance

Impact resistance

Amodel® PPA *
Housings and top covers



High heat resistance 

EMI Shielding

Amodel® PPA *

Ryton® PPS *

Omnix® HPPA

Ixef® PARA

Xencor™ Long Fiber Thermoplastics

* Product manufactured using 100% renewable energy.