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Fuel Systems


Enhancing Fuel System Components with Advanced Materials

Syensqo’s outstanding portfolio of solutions for fuel systems provides extensive benefits for a wide range of components. Our solutions include Tecnoflon® FKM, Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS.

  • Tecnoflon® FKM - Tecnoflon® Fluoroelastomers are synthetic rubbers that retain their strength and integrity in chemically and thermally aggressive environments. With outstanding resistance to fuels, powertrain fluids and exhaust, the low permeation properties of Tecnoflon® FKM are ideal for several fuel system components, such as gas direct injection seals, fuel lines, jumpers, and hoses.
  • Amodel® PPA - Amodel® PPA is a trusted choice for internal combustion engines and their fuel systems because of its exceptional temperature and humidity resistance. This high-performance polymer exhibits excellent mechanical integrity after thousands of hours at elevated temperatures, as well as in chemically aggressive environments. Amodel® PPA can be used in a wide range of components for fuel systems including fuel rails, inlet check valves and pillars for pressurized hybrid tank systems.
  • Ryton® PPS - Known for its exceptional dimensional stability, Ryton® PPS offers reliable high-temperature service for fuel system usages. This lightweight alternative to metals offers impressive corrosion resistance and favorable design flexibility, befitting for complex fuel system components. Ideal for automotive applications with frequent exposure to high temperatures, automotive fluids, and mechanical stress, Ryton® PPS is an industry-proven asset to fuel pump impellers and end caps.