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Engine fuel injection nozzle

Fuel Systems

Advancing ICE System Fuel Systems

With burgeoning demand for more efficient ICE propulsion systems for hybrid mobility, fuel systems are among the vital components manufacturers seek to improve. As automobiles become increasingly sophisticated, fuel systems and their applications are challenged to deliver a wide range of key capabilities. Effective fuel systems must exhibit enhanced resistance to multiple types of fuels and road salts, low fuel permeation, as well as low swell after fuel and moisture exposure. 

Syensqo’s offering for fuel system applications includes state-of-the-art products that enhance the various vital components of fuel systems. Our advanced technologies ensure that fuel systems are optimized for durable, reliable, and industry-proven performance.


Trusted Brands for Fuel System 

With decades of experience as a leading developer of automotive solutions, Syensqo’s portfolio of materials for fuel systems and their components are industry-proven technologies. Our specialty polymers are equipped with outstanding performance in the presence of harsh chemicals, high temperatures, and other demanding environments, making them ideal for reliable implementation in modern fuel systems. Our strong selection of fuel system solutions includes trusted brands such as Tecnoflon® FKM, Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS to ensure resistance to various fuels and conditions and more.

Optimizing Fuel System Components 

Modern fuel systems depend on high-performance materials and innovative manufacturing, as these applications require low fuel permeation, high strength, dimensional stability, and resistance to an array of challenging conditions. As manufacturers continue to refine ICE systems, they can trust Syensqo’s materials to enhance a myriad of critical fuel system applications and usages. These components include fuel quick connectors and retainers, inlet check valves, fuel tank isolation valves for pressurized hybrid tank systems, pillars for pressurized hybrid tank systems, fuel rails, diesel fuel filter housing and water separators, fuel pump impellers and end caps, suction blow molded fuel filler pipes, fuel lines, jumpers and hoses, gas direct injection seals, carbon canister diaphragm.

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