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Lubricants for Improved Engine Performance

The automotive industry continues its focus on sustainability, and streamlined engine performance and increased fuel efficiency have skyrocketed as priorities for manufacturers. Overall automotive performance relies heavily on internal combustion engine processes, and lubrication plays a critical role in an engine’s operation and life expectancy. Lubricant formulators require ingredients and additives designed to effectively minimize friction and reduce corrosion in a wide range of harsh conditions to push their engines farther.

As a leading developer of materials for the automotive industry, Syensqo offers advanced lubricant additives and solutions to help formulators produce superior lubricants. Our ingredients facilitate lubricants that effectively mitigate the impact of metal-to-metal contact in today’s most advanced internal combustion engines, keeping critical components working smoothly and extending performance.


Industry-Leading Brands for Superior Lubrication

Syensqo lubricant solutions enhance automotive internal combustion engine functionality for more powerful and fuel-efficient vehicles. Specifically, Fomblin® PFPE fluorinated lubricants and oils help formulators ensure efficiency and reliability for internal combustion engines. Our anti-wear and extreme pressure lubricant additives ensure higher engine performance and include brands like Lubrhophos®, Rhodafac®, and our Duraphos® line. Syensqo’s Fentamine® and Fentacare® lines are SAPS-free friction modifiers to improve fuel economy in ICE components while lowering emissions. Miramine and Rhodacal provide corrosion protection in ICE transmissions. Aerosol product line is a good dispersant line, keeping engines clean and free of deposits, with great emulsification properties to comply with new grades of oils, especially ILSAC GF5 specification.

Sustainable Lubricants for Enhanced Engine Efficiency

Well-lubricated internal combustion engines run smoothly so vehicles perform better with less energy and fuel consumption. Syensqo’s advanced ingredients help formulators create lubricants that prevent wear, increase fuel efficiency and boost overall engine and vehicle performance. Our lubricants and lubricant components include anti-wear and extreme pressure ingredients, SAPS-free additives and antioxidants for enhanced stabilization.

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