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Anti-Stick Agents


Syensqo’s Specialty Polymers for Anti-Stick Coatings

Syensqo’s range of products addresses the coating market’s most challenging anti-stick demands. Some of our established brands include Torlon® PAI, Veradel® PESU, KetaSpire® PEEK, Ryton® PPS, Hylar® PVDF and Halar® ECTFE, among others.


Specialty Polymers

  • Torlon® PAI - This amorphous polymer enhances the adhesive properties of coatings in primer formulations for both industrial and cookware coatings. Torlon® PAI offers exceptional heat, wear and chemical resistance. 
  • Veradel® PESU - Veradel® PESU is a thermoplastic that can withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to water and chemicals. Suitable for use in high temperatures, Veradel® PESU is an optimal additive for enhancing adhesive properties in primer formulations. 
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - KetaSpire® PEEK offers outstanding heat and chemical resistance. This high-performance polymer can operate at extremely high temperatures and maintains performance and mechanical properties regardless of harsh conditions. 
  • Ryton® PPS - Known for enhancing the performance of high-temperature coatings, Ryton® PPS offers prolonged, high-temperature service. This high-heat polymer delivers great dimensional stability in a wide range of chemical environments. 
  • Hylar® PVDF - Hylar® PVDF formulated grades help coatings withstand environmental forces and keep them attractive for longer. Hylar® PVDF is commonly used in industrial coatings to reduce scaling in fittings, ducting, coated vessels and piping (OD and ID).
  • Halar® ECTFE - This partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymer is best known for delivering anti-corrosion properties in powder and waterborne coatings. Halar® ECTFE offers high-quality corrosion protection to improve the longevity of coatings.