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5 Ideal Specialty Polymers for Heating Systems

5 Ideal Specialty Polymers for Heating Systems

Specialty plastics for metal replacement in sophisticated heating systems offer superior stability and resistance properties in longer-lasting, higher-performing systems. Syensqo leads the heating industry with engineered plastics that offer high chemical and corrosion resistance, increased dimensional stability, and excellent thermal induction for more advanced parts. Our extensive portfolio of specialty polymers combine performance with flexibility to offer manufacturers increased innovation in heating system components for a variety of applications.

Solef® PVDF

Suitable for the most extreme heating system environments including district heating, Solef® PVDF exhibits a unique combination of steam, pressure and temperature resistance to withstand exposure to harsh conditions. This unique and stable fluoropolymer maintains long-term hydrostatic strength, provides outstanding resistance to chemicals and fatigue and withstands continuous use service temperature up to 150°C for extremely stable heating systems.



Ryton® PPS

Syensqo's Ryton® PPS is formulated with outstanding stability and water resistance properties to make it an ideal option for applications in stringent heating environments. With long-term resistance to temperatures up to 200°C and high chemical resistance, this polyphenylene sulfide is suited for implementation in manifolds, heat meters, pumps, pipes, balancing valves and boiler tanks. Additionally, Ryton® PPS offers increased design flexibility for manufacturers as it is formulated with low viscosity for injection-molding in thin-walled components.


Radel® PPSU

As the highest performing sulfone polymer in its class, Radel® PPSU supplies manufacturers with extreme impact and chemical resistance for long-lasting heating systems. Radel® PPSU is engineered with excellent heat resistance and hydrolytic stability, can withstand pressure up to 10 bar and exhibits a heat deflection temperature of 207°C. This high-performing polymer retains mechanical strength and dimensional stability, even after continued exposure to harsh environments in applications such as manifolds, heat meters, pumps, pipes, balancing valves, boiler tanks and components and multilayer piping systems.

Amodel® PPA

For heating components with intermittent exposure to hot chlorinated water, Amodel® PPA offers outstanding resistance to chemicals and corrosion within continuous use temperatures between 120°C and 185°C. In addition to thermal stability, this aromatic polyamide combats creep and fatigue while maintaining its mechanical integrity. As a viable metal replacement in heating components like manifolds, pipes, heat meters and balancing valves, Amodel® PPA promotes excellent stability and durability in high-quality heating systems.

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Udel® PSU

Advanced heating systems require cost-competitive materials that enhance performance and maintain high durability throughout extended use. Udel® PSU is suitable for environments that are exposed to hot chlorinated water, as Syensqo formulates this sophisticated plastic with high creep resistance, excellent dimensional stability in hot water and steam and a heat deflection temperature of 174°C. Additionally, Udel® PSU’s dimensional strength offers long term reliability at a competitive price for heating applications like manifolds, heat meters, pumps, pipes and balancing valves.

Syensqo engineers all of our specialty polymers with superior resistance and stability to offer today’s OEMs a cost-competitive, high-quality alternative to metal in heating systems.