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How Specialty Polymers are Advancing Heating Systems for Manufacturers

Today’s OEMs demand high-quality, long-lasting materials to produce advanced components for a broad spectrum of heating systems. Syensqo's complete selection of specialty polymers excels in dimensional, thermal and hydrolytic stability to promote longer cycle life and ensure cost-effectiveness. In addition to these innovative properties, Syensqo's durable polymers guarantee high resistance to withstand the extreme temperatures and harsh chemical environments found in modern heating systems. 

Specialty Polymers for Innovation and Longevity in Product Design

To implement more cost-effective and longer-lasting equipment in today’s heating systems, Syensqo researchers formulate dependable and resilient polymers that support design innovation for more complex system components. Formulated with outstanding corrosion resistance, unmatched dimensional stability and superior thermal insulation for long-lasting continuous use, these specialty polymers enhance welding line reinforcements and moldable materials for heating applications such as various valves, pumps and pipes, manifolds, boiler tanks and components, heat meters and under-floor heating. Our materials also improve manufacturing processes through the facilitation of versatile moldable injections to form parts in the exact shapes needed for specific heating components. 

Specialty Polymers for Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Sophisticated heating systems depend on corrosion resistant components that can withstand constant exposure to high-temperature, chlorinated water. Syensqo's chemical and corrosion resistant formulas maintain high performance when exposed to external foam components used alongside complex pipe systems and oxidizers commonly used in tap water sanitation. Additionally, our selection of specialty polymers offers outstanding durability against continuous and intermittent water exposure to fresh and chlorinated water in a wide variety of heating systems. For applications up to 95°C, Radel® PPSU and Ryton® PPS provide advanced resistance to corrosion and thermal expansion for longer lasting, stable heating systems.

Specialty Polymers for Extreme Thermal Stability

OEMs are relying on continually advancing polymer-based materials that are able to meet increasing standards for temperature and pressure resistance, while offering a cost-competitive and high-performing alternative to metal in heating system components. Manufacturers demand durable and stable polymer properties to ensure quality performance after continuous exposure to the extreme levels of pressure, steam and temperature found in modern heating systems. Syensqo's high-grade polymers are designed with unique formulations that provide modern heating systems with higher thermal stability in strenuous conditions. Solef® PVDF, KetaSpire® PEEK and AvaSpire® PAEK are uniquely formulated for district heating applications that are exposed to intense levels of steam, pressure and temperatures over 135°C.



Specialty Polymers for Cost-Competitive Materials

OEMs rely on more cost-competitive, productive and longer lasting materials to lower manufacturing costs while ensuring the production of high-quality heating systems. Our specialty polymers offer parts consolidation to reduce initial production costs and provide the heating market with more cost-effective solutions than traditional metals. Omnix® HPPA, a cost-competitive polyamide, and Udel® PSU, a cost-competitive sulfone polymer, outperform metal-based components in corrosion resistance and maintain optimum thermal stability over extended periods of time. Accordingly, the use of Syensqo's specialty polymers for heating systems ensures longer part life and reduces the high cost of repairs for part failure. 

The construction industry is shifting from metal-based heating systems to the incorporation of polymer-based products to ensure cost-effectiveness, higher thermal and chemical resistance and increased design innovation. Today’s advanced heating systems depend on the sophisticated design and enhanced durability of Syensqo's specialty polymers to offer solutions that outperform alternative materials within high pressure, high-temperature environments for extended periods.