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Modern refrigerator and other household appliances near beige wall indoors

Moving Beyond Metal for Consumer Appliances

Benefits of Utilizing Specialty Polymers in Your Current Household Applications and Future Design Projects

Metals are widely used in consumer appliances due to their perceived structural and performance superiority. However, they can also create various design challenges such as weight, corrosion, noise and often require secondary manufacturing steps. Our specialty polymers are strong, lightweight alternatives to metals with an unrivalled combination of properties so you can achieve:

  • Lightweighting
  • Injection molding design freedom
  • Design and color flexibility
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Total manufacturing cost reduction

We offer a wide range of materials that enable you to replace metals while exceeding the performance requirements of the applications. Omnix® HPPA, Ixef® PARA, Amodel® PPA, KetaSpire® PEEK and Ryton® PPS are just some of the specialty polymer solutions that have successfully replaced metal parts in consumer appliances such as coffee machines, air fryers and vacuum cleaners. 

In our recent webinar we demonstrated with real world case studies how we helped customers to move beyond metal finding the best material solution for their needs.


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