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High-Temperature, BPA-Free Transparent Polymers in Food Contact Applications

Benefits of Innovative Sulfone Polymers in Food Contact Goods

Looking to learn more about strong, high-temperature solutions for transparent food contact appliances? In this eGuide, you will learn about the essential characteristics of BPA-free, transparent sulfone polymers and how these materials can enhance food contact applications. With more than 20 years of experience in the market and multiple case studies demonstrating the excellent performance of specialty sulfone polymers, we can help OEMs and designers explore optimal material solutions for clear food contact components. 

Performance Features to Consider in Material Selection for Food Contact Goods

  • Transparency and clarity
  • Mechanical properties
  • Resistance to chemical aggression & sterilization compatibility
  • Regulatory approvals and BPA-free requirements
  • Design and processing
  • Thermal stability

Through four real-world case studies, we highlight critical benefits of transparent sulfone polymers, such as mechanical strength, thermal performance, design flexibility and food contact approvals. Our range of amorphous sulfone polymers, including Veradel® PESU, and Radel® PPSU, can solve the most notable challenges in the food contact industry, from BPA-free requirements to outstanding tensile strength.


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