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Guar derivatives for personal care

How to Choose the Best Grade of Jaguar® for Superior Hair Care Performance

Today’s hair care formulators require an innovative range of ingredients to deliver high-performance products with appealing sensory experiences to consumers. The market continues to trend toward more naturally based derivatives for safe, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Syensqo's Jaguar® Range provides formulators with a series of native, cationic- and nonionic-modified guar polymers for conditioning and texturizing benefits to design today’s most advanced hair care products and formulas. 

The Jaguar® Range, derived from distinctly modified guar, is broken down into nonionic and cationic families to yield several different functionalities. Our nonionic guar range consists primarily of Jaguar® HP-105 and Jaguar® HP-120 COS. Our cationic guar range contains Jaguar® Optima, Jaguar® C 162 and Jaguar® C-17. This series of naturally derived hair conditioning polymers and texturizing agents provides a multitude of features and benefits to give formulators a versatile portfolio of guar-based ingredients to meet the varying needs of several different consumer hair types.

"Jaguar®, our diverse range of guar derivatives, offers numerous benefits to formulators including eco-friendly hair conditioning properties, unique sensory experiences, enhanced nourishment and improved care & protection."

Caroline Mabille, Global Marketing Manager, Beauty Cleansing at Syensqo

Jaguar® Range: Nonionic Guar

The nonionic guar range of Syensqo's Jaguar® grades is primarily designed for rheological and thickening formulations. These environmentally friendly and safe ingredients enable formulators to create high-performance products that provide a unique sensorial experience for consumers.

  • Jaguar® HP range

Jaguar® HP-105 and Jaguar® HP-120 COS are multi-functional, eco-friendly conditioning and thickening polymers. When used in hair conditioners and treatments, they provide softness to hair, ease of combing and homogeneity of hair from the roots to the tips, while contributing to the thickening of the formulas. They also enable the reduction of the cationic surfactant level, which allows formulators to create formulas with reduced environmental impact.

When used in cleansing formulas, the Jaguar® HP range helps mitigate surfactants irritation while contributing to building the formula texture. They are thus particularly effective for the design of gentle cleansing products for which viscosity building can be a challenge. Thanks to their compatibility with alcohols, Jaguar® HP polymers can also be used in hydroalcoholic formulations. Jaguar® HP-120 COS has the highest alcohol compatibility, while Jaguar® HP-105 is suitable for the design of clear formulations.

Jaguar® Range: Cationic Guar

The cationic guar range of Syensqo's Jaguar® grades provides formulators with a wide range of high-performing ingredients for both clear and opaque solutions. These Jaguar® grades are ideal for a variety of naturally derived shampoos, conditioners, treatments and hair repair formulations. 

  • Jaguar® Optima

Jaguar® Optima is a COSMOS-approved mono-derivatized guar polymer with excellent conditioning ability by itself and good-to-high active deposition ability. Formulations made with Jaguar® Optima deliver high-performance repair and nourishment properties for consumers with damaged hair and textured hair. Ideal for caring and repairing solutions and silicone-free shampoos, this hair conditioning agent provides the benefits of no volume-down in multiple uses, making it also suitable for fine hair targets. Additionally, Jaguar® Optima serves as an ideal replacement of Polyquaternium-10 in opaque shampoos. 

  • Jaguar® C162 

Jaguar® C162 is an eco-friendly conditioning double-derivatized guar polymer delivering good wet conditioning ability with nude feel. It is often used to design clear shampoos for fine hair or fine damaged hair. Combined with oils, esters, silicones, either in clear or opaque formulas, it can also address damaged to over-processed hair. Jaguar® C162 provides best-in-class ability to deposit silicones on over-processed hair making it the ideal choice for this hair target. 

  • Jaguar® C-17

Jaguar® C-17 is a COSMOS-approved cationic, mono-derivatized guar polymer that offers high conditioning ability by itself to today’s advanced hair care formulas. Its high deposition ability makes Jaguar® C-17 ideal for caring and repairing shampoos for thick and textured hair types, and provides a slippery, coated feel during application and wet stages. This guar derivative facilitates repair treatment formulations with enhanced sensory experiences for damaged hair in need of discipline.