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Advanced Ingredients for Customized  Hair Care
Hair Care


Formulators rely on advanced hair care ingredients to meet consumer and market demand for effective and multifunctional personal care products. From conditioning agents and guar derivatives to mild surfactants, emulsifiers and solubilizers, Syensqo offers an extensive portfolio of versatile materials for use in shampoos, rinses, conditioners, masks, leave-ins, serums, oils, treatments and baby care formulations.

“We innovate in multifunctional ingredients that offer outstanding performance in a wide range of hair care solutions.”

Galder Cristobal, Research & Innovation Director, Home & Personal Care at Syensqo

Emulsifiers and solubilizers are essential in the development of stable and effective oil-in-water based products and transparent cleansing formulas. Syensqo's portfolio of natural oil solubilizers and emulsifiers exhibit excellent compatibility with a variety of oils without compromising on stability, viscosity, clarity or foam and cleansing performance.

Innovative solubilizer compatible with natural oils for the development of effective hair care products with unmatched clarity, stability, viscosity, foam and cleansing performance. This naturally derived solubilizer works in synergy with anionic and amphoteric surfactants and is suitable for use in a variety of hair care solutions, from normal and baby hair to textured and higher hair damage targets. 

Emollients play a significant role in creating a protective barrier around hair and providing unique sensory properties as a silicone alternative for hair care formulations. Syensqo's specialty emollients for hair care are designed to help formulators meet consumer requirements for sustainability, multi-functionality and efficacy while also ensuring a positive sensory experience.

Natural emollient to replace silicone in a variety of mild, biodegradable hair care formulations. This eco-friendly silicone replacement ensures lightweight hair softness, excellent cleansing appearance and effective conditioning on many different hair types. With COSMOS certification, Dermalcare® LIA MB is an essential ingredient for formulators to develop sustainable and high-performing hair care solutions free from silicones. 


Today’s hair care formulators need sulfate-free solutions that maintain excellent cleansing and sensory properties, while meeting consumer demand for gentle hair treatments. Syensqo's superior ingredients allow formulators to develop versatile and gentle hair care products that exhibit impressive performance in clear sulfate-free formulations.

Mild, sulfate-free and multifunctional high active surfactant system engineered to imitate the excellent cleansing and foaming properties of sulfate formulations, while avoiding long-term damage caused by sulfates. This ingredient in gentle hair care solutions maintains excellent aesthetic and sensory properties. Additionally, Miracare® Soft S 525 MB offers outstanding flexibility to formulators that create sulfate-free formulations for all hair types and textures.

For hair care products with outstanding conditioning and eco-friendly moisturizing and texturizing properties, formulators rely on naturally derived hair conditioning polymers. Syensqo's portfolio of nonionic and cationic guar conditioning polymers for hair care are designed for implementation in a range of sustainable and all-natural conditioning solutions.

Cationic hair conditioning and deposition agent engineered as a solution for silicone-free hair care formulations that delivers finely dispersed ingredients throughout hair. Manufacturers implement Jaguar® Optima in a variety of sulfate-free, silicone-free hair care formulations to offer outstanding wet and dry combing without the need for an oil or silicone.

Jaguar® C 162 is an exceptional, non-ecotoxic and cationic hair conditioning polymer developed from a renewable plant base with outstanding moisturizing properties. Formulators need this eco-friendly deposition and conditioning agent to develop advanced solutions for highly damaged hair.

A unique, eco-friendly conditioning polymer for transparent hair care formulations engineered to exhibit wet and dry conditioning benefits without build-up. This transparent cationic guar polymer is gentle enough for use in sulfate-free and baby formulations and is also recommended for a variety of hair damage targets. 

Nonionic guar derivative thickening polymer with excellent wet combing and detangling benefits for a range of moisturizing conditioners. Hair care solutions developed with Jaguar® HP 105 exhibit superior hair softness and an outstanding sensory experience. This guar polymer is especially suited for dry and damaged hair in types 3 and 4.

Structured surfactant liquid systems exhibit a unique rheology profile designed to provide cleansing products with top-of-the-line performance, in addition to aesthetic and sensory benefits. Syensqo's scientists create a unique blend of surfactants producing multi-lamellar vesicles to suspend insoluble oils and particles for excellent stability and moisturizing properties in cleansing formulations with extraordinary textures.

An innovative structured surfactant liquid system that offers an exceptional combination of aesthetically pleasing textures with outstanding cleansing performance. This unique ingredient in personal care solutions enables formulators to stabilize high amounts of conditioning oils, incorporate high levels of fragrances and essential oils and suspend high-density particles in flexible solutions with a range of textures. Miracare® SLB 365 W is also an innovative solution for water saving techniques in hair care routines as consumers can skip conditioning and avoid an additional rinsing stage.

Hair active ingredients provide innovative hair care solutions that combine split-end mending technology and long-lasting hair repair with naturally derived and cruelty-free ingredients. These materials offer formulators durable hair repair solutions for use in holistic hair care products that provide consumers with a natural, at-home solution for damaged hair. 

A renewable hair repair ingredient that offers long-lasting sealing for excellent resistance to combing, washing and heat exposure. This naturally derived hair active outperforms current solutions by repairing more than 90% of split ends from the first use without compromising on sensory properties.

It is the ultimate solution for taming frizz and maintaining a durable shape in both straight and curly hair. Its advanced technology leverages a synthetic low-viscosity cationic polymer to counteract the causes of frizz effectively.  This innovative anti-frizz agent not only offers excellent heat protection but also showcases good anti-frizz abilities even in leave-on products, creams and sprays.

This bio-based active ingredient forms an invisible and imperceptible barrier on the hair surface, shielding it from extreme temperatures during styling. This natural alternative to synthetic silicones provides heat protection and superior care performance for damaged hair, ensuring less damage even with repeated heat-based styling applications.

Aesthetic agents contribute to the first sensory experience consumers encounter and are important in developing a memorable brand impact. Syensqo's sulfate-free opacifiers and pearlizers are engineered to support a pleasurable hair shampooing experience. Syensqo's aesthetic agents are highly effective at a low dosage with high wax content for easy formulations. 

Readily biodegradable opacifier that alters the aesthetics of hair care products without the need for heat. This naturally derived product is free of sulfates, parabens and formaldehyde for opaque and gentle cleansing solutions.

Easy-to-use liquid pearlizing agent with unbeatable opacity and pearlescence in shampoos and rinses. This ingredient is a pumpable liquid for easy dispersion in a variety of hair care solutions depending on formulators’ needs.

Pearlizing agent for hair care formulations with advanced aesthetic properties. This surfactant provides an opaque or pearly appearance to most foaming hair care formulations.

Rheology modifiers are designed to give formulators unmatched control over the viscosity, suspension and texture of advanced hair care solutions. Syensqo's portfolio of synthetic, naturally derived and all-natural polymers for hair care formulations ensure long-term stability and memorable sensory experiences for consumers. 

Nonionic guar derivative hair thickening polymer with excellent wet combing and detangling benefits for a range of moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Hair care solutions developed with Jaguar® HP 105 exhibit superior hair softness and an outstanding sensory experience, and is recommended for dry hair and hair types 3 and 4. 

Multifunctional and all-natural rheology polymer that produces excellent sensory experiences and impressive stability in sustainable hair care formulations. This Ecocert and COSMOS validated ingredient is manufactured through a fermentation process that maintains viscosity in hair care solutions, even with acidic additives, electrolytes and other added ingredients.

A hydrophobically modified alkali-swellable emulsion (HASE) latex polymer engineered as a liquid with pH-triggered dispersion. This ingredient can be used as a thickening polymer in sulfate-free shampoos, as well as in sulfate-based formulations with innovative textures and functions.

Conditioning quats provide advanced sensory experiences for hair care solutions that offer consumers outstanding performance, static reduction and fewer fly aways. Syensqo works with formulators to design the most effective and compatible conditioning quats for implementation in a range of hair conditioning solutions. 

A conditioning agent and emulsifier that offers formulators excellent moisturizing qualities, anti-static effects and improved compatibility with a range of ingredients. This ingredient is especially recommended for Asian hair care products.

An effective cationic quaternized surfactant with conditioning, softening and anti-static properties for hair care solutions that treat extreme damage. This mild cationic surfactant can be used in formulations that are gentle on the hair fiber and scalp and is especially recommended for dry hair and hair types 3 and 4.