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The Restorative Routine for Textured Hair

Formulations eBooklet

An Innovative Line of Restorative Textured Hair Products

In this eBooklet, meet Syensqo's innovative textured hair solutions, and take a closer look at trends and statistics to better understand the state of the natural hair care industry. Specifically, we dive into the demographics and unique challenges of consumers with textured hair, explore hair diversity and characteristics, examine the textured hair market demands and introduce Syensqo's extensive line of restorative textured hair care products. 

By working in collaboration with Studio Ana’e in Paris, our versatile product regimen is strategically formulated to help consumers embrace their natural hair. 

This eBooklet offers a detailed explanation of Syensqo's textured hair routine, including: 

  • Clean and Care Products: pure clean shampoo, hydration boost shampoo, cleansing cream, luxurious moisturizing conditioner, moisture lock mask, wake-up curls day cream, SOS Moisture Mask
  • Styling Products: Milky Curl & Comb Spray, Styling Foam, Scalp Oil
Solvay's textured hair restorative routine formulations ebooklet


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