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The Restorative Routine for Textured Hair

Partnership with Studio Ana’e™

Our Hands-on Partnership with Studio Ana’e

The scientists at Syensqo knew that we needed an extraordinary team to develop the broad range of textured hair formulations that consumers deserve. That is why we partnered with the expert textured hairstylists and models at Studio Ana’eTM.

President of Studio Ana’eTM, Aude Livoreil-Djampou - Partnership with Solvay - TW


Studio Ana’eTM is a globally recognized salon located in Paris that specializes in caring for all hair types, especially curly and kinky hair. The president of Studio Ana’eTM, Aude Livoreil-Djampou, has a Ph.D. in chemistry and worked for nearly two decades at L’Oréal designing hair products for multi-textured hair before opening the salon. Livoreil-Djampou created Studio Ana’eTM to address the lack of textured hair expertise in France and around the world. As the textured hair market continues to grow and more consumers recognize their natural hair as a part of their identity and heritage, the work at Studio Ana’eTM becomes more and more important.


Studio Ana’e Team - Partners os Solvay to develop a textured hair care routine - TW

Syensqo developed our textured hair care routine with help from the experts at Studio Ana’eTM in Paris to meet the complex needs of textured hair consumers. Our routine features natural ingredients, sulfate-free and silicone-free formulations, and a range of options for every textured hair consumer. By working with textured hairstylists and models at Studio Ana’eTM through every step of the formulation process, we have tailored each product to meet the unique desires of textured hair consumers. Embrace natural hairstyles with Syensqo.