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The Restorative Routine for Textured Hair

Textured Hair Consumers

A Restorative Routine Tailored for Textured Hair


World Population with Textured Hair - Solvay

Although 65%-75% of the world’s population has textured hair, the vast majority of hair care products are designed for straight, caucasian hair types. Plus, textured hair consumers spend two to three times as much on hair products compared to consumers with Type 1 hair. As individuals continue to embrace their natural wavy, curly or kinky hair, they need the right hair care products to keep their textured hair healthy.

Textured hair types - Solvay

Textured hair consumers have high expectations for specialized products like those in the Clean and Care Routine from Syensqo. After so many years with a lack of high-quality products, consumers with textured hair expect benefits like moisturization and manageability, plus options that use natural ingredients and embrace sustainability.