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Ion Implantation

Advanced Ion Implantation Solutions

Doping with ion implantation is an essential step in the semiconductor fabrication process. Through this method, atoms are intentionally introduced to silicon wafers with impurities that allow conduction. High-quality equipment is required, enhanced with raw materials. And as the complexity of semiconductor chips has increased, so has the number of ion implants needed.

Syensqo provides materials made to exacting standards of superior quality to meet the need for these demanding applications. Our materials enable OEMs to fulfill their goal of producing smaller computer chips and manufacture increasingly purer materials. We know irregular materials can create damage, so we strive to maintain impurity levels within a specific, narrow range.


Materials for Improved Doping Methods

Ion implantation is a doping method used in semiconductors that introduces impurities into a semiconductor wafer, enabling conductivity. This process offers advantages over other doping methods as it allows for optimal precision and control, helping to avoid damage.