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Macro of blue silicon wafer with microchips

Dry Etching & Cleaning

Enhanced Solutions for Dry Etching

As the semiconductor industry continuously expands, dry etching remains a crucial process for manufacturers who need to effectively remove unwanted materials from semiconductor components. Dry etching, an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wet etching, refers to the removal of material, typically a masked pattern of semiconductor material, by exposing the material to a bombardment of ions (usually a plasma of reactive gases) that dislodge portions of the material from the exposed surface. Directed pressure under vacuum conditions allows for optimization by using gas mixtures to create a reaction that affects the wafer surface. Dry etching is a quick process that does not require much operator training. 

Syensqo’s unique dry etching and cleaning solutions offer a variety of performance advantages for effective semiconductor fabrication.


Products for high-Performance Dry Etching 

Syensqo's expansive offering of materials for dry etching and cleaning are revolutionizing the market with polymers for tools and fluids, such as Fomblin® PFPE, Galden® PFPE, Tecnoflon® FKM & PFR FFKM, Ketaspire® PEEK and Torlon® PAI.

Advanced Polymers and Gases for Dry Etching and Cleaning 

Syensqo's advanced polymers provide solutions for the tools used in the dry etching and dry cleaning process. Our materials are widely utilized to enhance components like vacuum pumps, chillers, chemical transportations, seals, and etching rings. They are made to withstand aggressive chemical and plasma environments under fluctuating temperatures. 

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