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High-Quality Products for Semiconductor Testing Components

To create high-quality test sockets and test handlers, manufacturers depend on Syensqo's selection of specialty polymer solutions. Our materials for wafer testing—such as Veradel® PESU, Udel® PSU, KetaSpire® PEEK and Torlon® PAI —help improve the performance of critical semiconductor test components.

  • Veradel® PESU - With inherent flame retardance and excellent electrical properties, Veradel® PESU is an outstanding choice for electronic and electrical applications. Veradel® PESU is ideal for semiconductor test applications because of its low moisture absorption and mechanical property retention. 
  • Udel® PSU - This high-strength transparent plastic material delivers outstanding heat resistance and stability in comparison to other common materials used in semiconductor technology. Under tough environmental, processing and testing conditions, Udel® PSU retains its mechanical properties and thermal stability. 
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - KetaSpire® PEEK operates at higher temperatures and exhibits excellent mechanical properties throughout continuous high-temperature service. KetaSpire® PEEK is known for being an ideal replacement for metals in a wide range of complex applications. 
  • Torlon® PAI - Known for its outstanding resistance to wear, creep, chemicals and severe service conditions, Torlon® PAI possesses superior electrical and structural characteristics. Torlon® PAI maintains its stiffness up to 260°C.