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Green Hydrogen Production: Water Electrolysis

Technology for a clean energy future

The future of sustainable industrial practices relies on hydrogen, a chemical element present on Earth in large quantities combined with other elements. Hydrogen must be separated from those elements to obtain usable hydrogen gas. A key component of the EU’s Green Deal, clean hydrogen is essential to reaching carbon neutrality goals. Electrolyzers are now making green hydrogen production become a reality. According to the Hydrogen Council, the production of green hydrogen has the potential to reach more than 300GW by 2030, as favorable regulations and public funding for clean energy and clean hydrogen will contribute to rapid demand growth for electrolyzer technologies. And while ammonia can be the preferred chemical form for long-distance transport in tanker vessels, all hydrogen needed for ammonia (NH3) production will be made via water electrolysis.

Syensqo's technologies play a vital role in modern electrolyzers, contributing to improved power density, durability and manufacturing productivity, which supports high-volume production. Our commitment to the clean hydrogen market through research, development and product commercialization dates back more than 20 years. The focus on bringing the world closer to net-zero emissions has inspired Syensqo to introduce high-performance water electrolyzer production solutions. Through the pursuit of sustainability and innovation, Syensqo's technologies will help advance the hydrogen economy and make carbon neutrality a reality.


Top solutions for electrolyzers

Syensqo's solutions for the ongoing green hydrogen revolution are employed primarily in two types of electrolyzer processes: Alkaline Electrolysis (AEC) and Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis (PEMEC). Our portfolio includes advanced materials such as ionomers and specialty polymers. 


High-performance materials for electrolyzers

Each type of electrolyzer operates under different conditions with unique performance requirements. Syensqo's broad portfolio of specialty materials addresses challenges across electrolyzer technologies. We offer several commercial-grade products ready for use in both prevalent and emerging electrolyzer technologies.

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