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Addikleen™ Range

Metal cleaning additives to tackle your cleaning challenges

High efficient specialty additives

What are the drivers in metal cleaning industry?

There is a constant need to formulate cleaners and degreasers. Each production line is unique, operating at its own speed, dealing with specific substrate and oil variety and this without forgetting space and cost constraints. 
Constant pressure to reduce operation cost and diversification of items to produce require high performance cleaners and degreasers, may it translate into cleaning temperature decrease or aged oil to to remove. 
On top of that, with the raise on environment and health awareness, formulators are often left with surfactant options that exclude historical do-it-all surfactants such as nonyl phenol or alkyl phenol ethoxylates. 
This constant need for change translates into the multiplication of products to formulate as well as an increase in raw material inventory. However two things are constant : cleaners should clean and generate low foam. 

Where does foam come from?

Poor foam management can be the cause of lower efficiency and higher cost to formulators:

  • Chemical quality and type: Some surfactants and their purity can affect foam level, for example anionic surfactants are known to be high foaming surfactants
  • Chemical Concentration: Higher cleaner concentration improves cleaning but increases foam
  • Inorganic composition & electrolytes in water: Water ionic composition can stabilize the foam
  • Type of soils: Hydrolysis of lubricant esters & amides will generate foaming issues
  • Improper solution temperature: Lower cleaning temperature increases foam
  • Air introduction by the process: High pressure, high speed processes tend to create more foam

Advanced cleaning additives for challenging conditions

The Syensqo Addikleen™ range of specialty additives are designed to tackle your cleaning challenges and improve your metal cleaning performance may it be low foam cleaning at low temperature or low foam cleaning additives for high pressure cleaning. 
These ingredients allow the end user to fully enjoy the benefits they target thanks to efficient and low foam cleaning : 

  • Low temperature cleaning to save energy
  • Spray cleaning to be more flexible and save space and water
  • Low temperature 2-in-1 cleaning etching 
  • HF-free compatible ingredients

These advanced ingredients have been tested in a wide range of cleaning conditions, so that you can choose them based on your cleaning conditions : temperature, pH, method of cleaning (immersion, aspersion). 
These highly effective additives are usually used for low foam alkaline and acidic metal cleaning and degreasing. 

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