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Processing Aids

Enhancing the Bayer Process with Innovative Processing Aids

Across alumina refineries worldwide, operators face the persistent need to improve throughput and efficiency while limiting their environmental impact. Processing aids play an essential role in sustainably and efficiently producing high-quality alumina. From addressing crystallization issues, to excess foam and dust, Syensqo's processing aids improve alumina yields while reducing processing issues that can lead to high operational costs, environmental hazards and impurities. 


Alumina Processing Chemicals Process Aids  

During alumina processing, alumina refinery operators require a range of processing aids to optimize Bayer Process efficiency, improve yields and mitigate health and safety concerns. Syensqo's diverse processing aids include foam-control agents, crystal growth modifiers, dust control agents and dewatering agents.

Dust Control

  • AEROSPRAY® - Used to lessen the environmental and health impacts of fugitive dust, AEROSPRAY® dust suppressant can be employed throughout various stages of the Bayer Process. AEROSPRAY® is trusted in red mud disposal sites, bauxite stockpiles and hydrate found in sheds or pads. 



  • CYBREAK® - CYBREAK® defoaming solutions enable greater control of the circuit and more efficient recovery of hydrate solids from spent liquor. This defoamer agent is used throughout various stages of the Bayer Process including precipitation and digestion, effective for different types of bauxite, and generally needs low dosages.                                 


Dewatering Aids

  • AERODRI® - This processing aid is used as a dewatering agent for alumina trihydrate cakes prior to calcination. AERODRI® reduces cake moisture content, improves yield quality by reducing leachable soda, enhances filter cake handling and improves water balance by facilitating reductions in wash water usage.


Crystal Growth Modifiers

  • CYQUEST® - This line of crystal growth modifier bauxite processing aids suppresses nucleation, enhances agglomeration and promotes growth of large particles through improving particle strength. 

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