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Syensqo’s CYQUEST product family includes reagents for crystal growth modifiers, bauxite handling and grinding aids, humate removal aids, and iron removal agents specially designed for the alumina industry. The brand also includes antiscalants and modifiers to support other metal industries.



  • CYQUEST® family of CGM delivers superior size distribution control by controlling or suppressing nucleation (controlling the generation of fines), enhancing agglomeration (the sticking together of small particles), improving particle strength (strengthening agglomerates) and promoting growth of large particles.

  • CYQUEST® bauxite handling (BXD) and grinding aid (BGA) were developed to improve the handling and flow properties of moist bauxite.  This technology offers significant financial and environmental benefits to the industry, reducing energy required in the grinding process and buildup of bauxite on surfaces during loading, unloading and reclaiming.

  • CYQUEST® humate removal aids are polymeric reagents designed to remove humates from Bayer process liquor. The product is a clear liquid with a slight amber color. The humates removed with CYQUEST® are purged from the process with the red mud.

  • CYQUEST® iron removal agents are polymeric reagents designed to remove colloidal iron from Bayer process liquor. Colloidal iron is normally difficult to remove from Bayer liquor  and is a major contributor of iron in the precipitated alumina. CYQUEST® iron removal agents offer a simple and easy way of complexing this type of iron and allowing it to be removed from the process.


Other Metals

  • CYQUEST® antiscalants control the rate of scale formation throughout milling circuits.

  • CYQUEST® modifiers control the harmful effects of soluble salts, clays and fines, and also improve leaching.

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